Doing the dishes with your partner is a very sweet way to show you care, but how does it help your manly image? Not that much. It’s about time to drop that apron and grab that wrench (no pun intended).
Why should you be interested?
One reason, it’s a big one. Studies have shown that men who take on more “feminine chores” tend to have less regular sex than men who do more “manly chores”. The more you define your machismo, the more action you get. Yup, just like out there in the wild, the alpha male gets it all.
What are these “manly chores”?
First thing that you would think of is maintaining your vehicle, well yes what spells out macho more than that. You can even raise the bar by doing minor repairs at home by yourself, like a paint-less dent repair.
It won’t take five minutes to Google search making a paint-less dent repair on your own and watch a tutorial video. You can also make the garage your very own Zen garden, you can renovate it, redecorate it, clean it, and it’s your play-zone. Picking up some skills like metalworking, woodworking will help you amaze the lady of your life, boosting your machismo to new levels. Don’t forget slaying the very dangerous, very mighty spiders and bugs, that’s a very manly job right there! Then there’s the heavy lifting, an ample chance to show off those biceps. Then there’s the not so pleasant jobs. Unfortunately, getting rid of the trash, the doggy litter and mowing the lawn, all fall under the “manly chores”. Tough luck there.
Don’t overdo it though
Studies have also shown that men who are reluctant to help with household chores tend to cause problem within the relationship, causing the strength of the relationship. Although research has shown that divorce rates are higher by 50% in couples where household chores are divided compared to couples where the women does most of the chores. Research also suggests that gender equality has its disadvantages when it comes to dividing household chores and very cost effective way of mobile dent repair, resulting in gender playing a big role in scheduling your marriage life.
Still this does not mean you can lay back without any contribution. You can easily prevent frustration in your relationship by simply helping out your partner wherever and whenever you can, and enough “manly chores” to keep your machismo boosted. Enjoy the perks of being a good partner, you everyday life will bloom dopamine filled days for a very long time.