If you are a car lover, there is no reason why distance should be standing in the way of your passion. As you would know, not every country is a car manufacturer, and even then, car manufacturers are different when it comes to different countries. Basically, what every country offers is different, and it would only make sense if you could not be satisfied with what only a specific country offered you. If you, however, think that there is no way for you to acquire a specific foreign vehicle – such as a luxury brand car or a vintage vehicle – without going through some real painstaking hoops, think again. The process of importing a vehicle is not actually so hard: there are largely three steps to follow as given below,

  • Send the car back to your home country
  • Pass the customs
  • Get the car registered

Furthermore, whether you import cars from UK to Australia, vice versa or from anywhere else, know that there are plenty of agents willing to help you along the way, so you will never be alone! To begin with, the biggest hurdle to pass is to actually get your car back to the country you live in. As you should be able to understand, the process of shipping a vehicle is a tad more complicated than shipping your average goods. There are many things to pay attention to ensure that your vehicle gets back in one piece, and in working condition as well – for example, the vehicle has to have its gas tank drained, and the batteries have to be disconnected as well. The car also needs to be properly secured to ensure it won’t hit the sides (or worse, the top and bottom) of the container when the freight ship sways at high sea.

All of these things are common sense to a company that regularly ships vehicles, but they might not be to a company who rarely does this (or has not, at all). Therefore, your priority should be to find a freight forwarder with experience in vehicle shipping. Getting referrals from friends or acquaintances who have had vehicles shipped is a good starting point. Remember that you will also need to have your vehicle insured from potential accidents during the shipping process. A responsible freight forwarder will look into every expense and detail, and relieve you of any burdens save for the actual expenses. The total cost for shipping your vehicle depends on a large number of factors – not only the distance between the two countries. Accordingly, have your expenses customized if you wish to know exactly what you are paying for.

Once you have your car back home, the customs process will depend on the country, but generally, you can hire a customs broker to help you. And finally, the actual registration process will follow just as with any other vehicle.