One the most important sector in the world is the transportation sector. This industry helps all the other industry to grow, expand and reach the remote area on the earth. Transportation can be described as the process of transferring or delivering any tangible thing from one place to the other. It may be the transportation system that human beings use for travelling to places or it may be the delivering of products of any visible nature from one part of the world to another. It may be within the boundaries of the town, state, city, country or may be international transport.

Every vehicle falls under the transportation sector. Be it a bus, a car, truck, trailer, aircrafts, airbuses jet planes etc. even for small distances, motorcycles can be the means of transportation. In this fast growing and moving world no one walks to their workplace. They always avail a transport which is affordable and safe. To start with the basic transportation system that is the facility availed by human being to travel are like bus, trains, four wheelers, two wheelers planes, ships etc. the price depends on the distances travelled and the cost of fuel consumed by other related expenses. Then there comes the services that this industry provide to the other industries like shipping of goods from one state to other, from one country to others and mainly shipment of good across the world. The expenditure rises with the products that is getting delivered, their nature, time taken to deliver, fuel consumption and other manual charges. Due to globalization, business is importing and exporting goods and services which are delivered with the help of this industry. The people working in this sector are very much hard working as there is no time specified for the transfer of goods.

Movers and packers also fall under this industry. They provide the service of shifting and moving home furniture and appliances and other related stuffs when a family moves to other house in the state or may outstation. They take care of all the things, they pack them in order so that they don’t get destroyed during travelling, then they properly arrange them in the new place. When there is an interstate shifting motorcycle transport is also provided by most of the companies if one opts for it. As most of the people may not feel safe to ride the scooters for the elderly to the new state through road by themselves and that is also risky, so the movers and packers also deliver them in proper order. Not only motorcycle, but also the cars are transferred if the owner of the house asks for it.

Since there are many vehicles, mainly international motorcycles and cars are not available in every state of other countries, transportation industry helps the buyer of those expensive ones by interstate motorcycle transport facility. They take all the charges during the time period of delivering the vehicle from the place of purchase to the place where the buyer wants it.

Without the transportation industry all the other industry can’t run, expand and grow outside its geographical boundaries. They provide the source with which an industry expands its wings.