A limousine hire business is a very lucrative venture because of its wide range of high end clients. For example, hotels often hire limousines to chauffeur their guests. Large corporations get Cairns luxury car hire services to shuttle their clients from one destination to another. Limousines are also popular for wedding functions. 

What you need to start the business.

Capital. The limousine rental business is a capital intensive venture. You will need to source for quality luxury vehicles, either new or secondhand. You can make your venture specific to one model for example you can have a Mercedes car hire service or you could opt to have different car models. It is worth noting that it would be more beneficial to the business to have a range of models to meet the different client preferences. 

You will need to buy office equipment; hire employees and rent office space. Your business location should have a large yard for parking the vehicles and also for the purposes of enabling clients to check out the vehicles. 

Make sure you have a sound business plan and good credit ratings. These will greatly increase your chances of getting financing from banks and financial institutions. 

Advertising: No business that seeks to grow can do so without making its potential customers aware of its existence. You will need to advertise aggressively if you intend for your business to be lucrative. You could have discount prices for first time customer’s in order to build and grow your client list. Find out what your existing competition does and do it in an even better way. 

Visit potential clients such as hotels, wedding planners, corporate and clubs and make them aware of your business and any special tailor made services and discounts that you offer.

Make use of the social media to advertise your limousine rental business. Have a website that clients can easily navigate. Post pictures of the vehicles that you have for hire. The website should not be too heavy with information as most people tend to lose interest when forced to mine through large volumes of data. The website should be as glamorous as it can possibly be. This is because the target clientele is from the high end market 

Have an option in your website that will allow corporates and satisfied customers to comment and recommend your services. Have a high profile professional write a review that endorses your services. If possible get ISO certification for your business. This will build your customers’ confidence. It will also put you ahead of all your business rivals giving you a competitive edge. To this end make sure that you hire qualified employees who will offer top class car hire services to your clients.

You can also advertise your business in print media as well as audio/visual media. Make sure that you target media that is mostly used by your potential customers. When using audio or visual media, book time slots that your clients will most likely be watching or listening via their devices.

A final piece of advice, you may want to consider first working for a limousine rental company before venturing into your own in order to gain experience and avoid burn out.